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Solera’s premier platform unveils the True Strength suite of programs to tackle timely mental health conditions

PHOENIX – March 17, 2021 – Solera Health, the premier platform for addressing health conditions, announces the release of its advanced digital health platform, Solera Connect. Solera Connect serves as a consumer’s ‘digital front door’ to evidence-based lifestyle, behavioral and social solutions, creating a simple, unified consumer benefits experience for accessing and engaging in Solera’s curated point solutions networks.

Solera matches consumers to their best-fit health community-based and digital solutions while creating a single touchpoint for condition management and streamlined engagement. Through Solera Connect, Solera simplifies the implementation, adoption, and achievement of consumer health goals across a wide array of solutions. The platform engages the consumer to meet them where they are to achieve better outcomes and plan cost savings.

“Founded in 2015, Solera initially targeted the highly fragmented marketplace of chronic condition prevention and management programs and then successfully consolidated these programs into a single integrated network of benefits,” said Mary Langowski, CEO, Solera. “The launch of Solera Connect marks the next phase of growth for Solera and our continued transformation from a condition-centric benefits network to a comprehensive digital health management platform housing the most innovative and comprehensive health solutions in the industry today. Our mantra of ‘one contract, one integration’ is already resonating in the marketplace to combat point solution fatigue.”

Additionally, Solera Connect integrates with care management systems and other existing health management platforms, creating connective tissue between various consumer benefit programs and data sets for a 360-degree view of the consumer. The platform enables Solera to vet, contract, and manage the entire suite of point solutions, offsetting the payer’s and employer’s costs by millions of dollars each year, while making sure the best-performing and most in-demand solution providers are offered. The new Solera seamlessly handles the most painful tasks associated with delivering programs to drive whole-person health, including claims processing, compliance, consumer engagement, eligibility checking, consumer matching, and vendor management.

“Despite the many new innovative offerings in the market, today’s health system is still complex, fragmented, and isn’t designed to make consumer health care engagement easy and convenient. Solera’s platform simplifies the consumer experience so individuals can easily engage with our home, community, and digital evidence-based solutions. It also reduces the friction and administrative burden for both the payer and employer,” noted Langowski.

Coinciding with the launch of Solera Connect, the company announced the availability of the Solera True Strength suite of solutions. This bundle includes Stress, Sleep & Resilience (SSR), Tobacco Cessation, and Social Isolation. This new offering joins Solera’s highly regarded existing solutions in Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention, and Falls Prevention.

“Stress and depression are reaching historical highs amid COVID-19, and we believe that our new True Strength suite couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Langowski. “Recent data shows that stress related to the pandemic has caused a resurgence in tobacco usage in smokers by 30%. The increase in stress, anxiety, and tobacco usage are merging to create a perfect storm and are having a major impact on survival outcomes for COVID-19 patients.”

The conditions that True Strength addresses are imminently putting people’s health at great risk. In the U.S., according to Gallup, over 55% of adults reported experiencing stress “a lot of the day,” while an APA study indicates that 84% of those surveyed reported experiencing emotions associated with stress in the past two weeks. These kinds of conditions will have a lasting impact on health even beyond people getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

The rapid rollout and ultimate success of True Strength is made possible through Solera Connect’s ability to provide industry-leading consumer engagement, retention, and outcomes. All within a dynamic platform designed to manage vendor administration, compliance, reporting, and payments. This single-point-of-contact approach allows payers and employers to easily choose and offer what works best for their population to deliver optimal whole-person health.

About Solera

Solera Health is committed to changing lives by guiding people to better health solutions. The company has built a dynamic platform that provides intensive, evidence-based lifestyle and behavioral social interventions to impact the most prevalent and costly chronic conditions in the country. Solera’s marketplace strategically matches consumers to curated networks of digital and community point solutions delivering meaningful health improvements.

For payers and employers alike, the Solera Connect platform houses the most innovative health solutions in the industry, all while seamlessly handling the most painful tasks involved, including claims processing, compliance, consumer engagement, eligibility checking, consumer matching and vendor management. For more information, visit

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