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Integrated Benefit Network Acknowledged for Its Work Connecting Patients, Payers, and Physicians with Community Organizations and Digital Therapeutics Providers

PHOENIZ, AZ- January 7, 2019 - Solera Health, the leading integrated community network, today announced that the company was included in The New York Observer’s snapshot of the 20 Hottest Health Start-Ups in ‘Flyover Tech’. Highlighted health organizations were selected by a panel of experts who were asked to identify the hottest companies from Middle America with an anticipated presence in San Francisco during this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Founded in 2015, Solera’s platform connects people to a national network of community organizations and digital apps that match their specific needs and preferences. From data-driven matching to a clearinghouse function for outcomes-based payments, the company’s marketplace model has transformed a chaotic landscape into a curated ecosystem of integrated solutions for monitoring, measuring and improving health. With over 60 million contracted lives, the Phoenix, Arizona-based disruptor is enabling an entire economy of community and digital solutions that has otherwise been too fragmented for people to discover, explore and coordinate.

Companies included in this year’s roundup include a mix of self and VC-backed start-ups based in the Midwest. To date, Solera has raised over $30.3 million in funding with the last round, a series B, led by Adams Street Partners with participation from Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture Partners, Sandbox Industries and social impact fund SJF Ventures.

“The Solera Health team is honored to be recognized by The New York Observer for all we have accomplished as a digital health company over the past three years including building the industry’s first integrated benefits network that consolidates previously fragmented community and digital programs and services,” said Brenda Schmidt. “In the months to come we looking forward to gaining even further market traction as we expand our marketplace offering to address social determinants of health as well as behavioral health and substance abuse disorders.”

Solera has recently invested in hiring top talent across various health sectors to take the company to the next stage of its progression including former addiction treatment center leader and chief medical officer of the U.S. Medicaid program Andrey Ostrovsky, MD, Ian Gordon from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rick Smith of EXOS, Michelle Marshall from Feeding America, and Teresa Clark of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

About Solera Health

Solera Health is an integrated benefit network that connects patients, payers, and physicians with community organizations and digital therapeutics providers, simply and securely. Solera helps consolidate highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network, allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer participation while lowering associated costs. Solera proactively identifies the "best fit" program provider based on each individual's unique needs and preferences, which has proven to have a significant impact on improved patient outcomes at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical care. For more information, visit Solera Health at , call 800-858-1714 or follow us on Twitter @SoleraNetwork or LinkedIn.