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Andrey Ostrovsky

Former Chief Medical Officer of the U.S. Medicaid Program to Expand Platform to Address Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders

PHOENIX, AZ –January 7, 2019– Solera Health today announced that the former chief medical officer of the U.S. Medicaid program, Andrey Ostrovsky, MD, will be joining the company as its chief medical officer and vice president of behavioral health. Solera has continued to expand its platform capabilities to support a diverse ecosystem of community and digital network partners, while matching health plan members to a curated network of chronic condition prevention and management, social determinants of health and behavioral health providers. In his new position, Dr. Ostrovsky will play a significant role in shaping the next phase of the company’s strategic evolution which will include an emphasis on behavioral health and substance use disorder.

Dr. Ostrovsky brings to the role a wealth of healthcare policy, technology, operations, and behavioral health experience. Most recently, he was responsible for leading an addiction treatment center, Concerted Care Group, situated at the front lines of the opioid use disorder crisis in Baltimore, Maryland. Previously he held an executive position at the U.S. Medicaid program, the nation's largest health insurer, with an annual budget of almost $600 billion and coverage of almost 75 million low-income Americans and people with disabilities.

"I'm deeply grateful for and proud of the work we've done at Concerted Care Group over the past year sitting on the front lines of the addiction crisis,” said Dr. Ostrovsky, MD, chief medical officer and vice president of behavioral health at Solera Health. “Joining Solera, I am thrilled at the prospect of impacting millions of individuals through the scale of Solera's technology platform and health plan contracts.”

Having served as an advisor to Solera over the past year, Dr. Ostrovsky is very familiar with the company’s achievements in consolidating highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network, allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer participation and serving as the clearinghouse for outcomes – based claims payments.

“Over the past 12 months I’ve witnessed firsthand Solera’s incredible growth trajectory and the market’s validation of the company’s integrated network,” said Dr. Ostrovsky. “In this new position I’m excited to extend the executive team’s success beyond diabetes and social determinants of health to include behavioral health, a space that is particularly well suited to benefit from the company’s program and services delivery model.”

Solera has recently invested in hiring top talent across various health sectors to take the company to the next stage of its progression including Ian Gordon from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rick Smith of EXOS, Michelle Marshall from Feeding America, and Teresa Clark of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

“The Solera Health leadership team was purposely built to include visionaries that believe we can transform a chaotic landscape into a curated ecosystem of integrated solutions for monitoring, managing, and improving health,” said Brenda Schmidt, CEO of Solera Health. “I am thrilled to have Andrey join Solera Health and look forward to drawing from his deep clinical and leadership experience as we look to grow the reach and impact of our behavioral health offering.”

About Solera Health

Solera Health is an integrated benefit network that connects patients, payers, and physicians with community organizations and digital therapeutics providers, simply and securely. Solera helps consolidate highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network, allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer participation while lowering associated costs. Solera proactively identifies the "best fit" program provider based on each individual's unique needs and preferences, which has proven to have a significant impact on improved patient outcomes at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical care. For more information, visit Solera Health at, call 800-858-1714 or follow us on Twitter @SoleraNetwork or LinkedIn.