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Call it the for health care—a platform that connects people to a curated and managed network of digital apps and in-person community providers in order to help them maintain and improve their well-being.

The technology offering presents a cost-saving approach to ensure that care continues beyond the four walls of a clinical setting and into the community by bridging the health-resource gaps that exist where people live, work, play, pray and shop.

So explains Brenda Schmidt, the passionate and energetic CEO and founder of the Phoenix-based Solera Health—an integrated health network that’s making its mark as an industry disrupter.

Solera’s novel marketplace model has transformed a previously chaotic landscape into a curated ecosystem of integrated solutions for monitoring, measuring and improving health. The business model is based on contracting with health plans and employers to better prevent and manage chronic health conditions and serving as the clearinghouse for outcomes-based claims payments.

“In health care today, it’s vital to focus on the whole person and address not only their physical and behavior health but their barriers to health as well,” she tells Vision in January. “Solera was built to connect each person with the community or digital programs and services that meet their specific needs and preferences. This is accomplished through individualized pairing with available resources and continuous engagement along multiple dimensions of health. We’re combining a holistic approach with personalized matching that so often isn’t effectively addressed in today’s existing health care system which remains fragmented.”
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